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PDF2EDI - Optimize processes efficiently!

The PDF2EDI services convert your PDF-Files into structured EDI messages. PDF2EDI provides a cost-effective way to connect with business partners and to integrate processes.

For small enterprise with low volume
from: € 19,00 /Month
Be faster with PDF2EDI
up to 50 PDF-Files per month
Unlimited business partners
Communication via:
For SME with average volume
from: € 55,00 /Month
up to 250 PDF-Files per month
Unlimited business partners
Communikation via:
Mail, FTP, SFTP, Webservice
For large enterprise with high volume
from: € 135,00 /Month
up to 1000 PDF-Files per month
Unlimited business partners
Communikation via:
IDOC- and RFC-Server

Perfect solutionsPDF2EDI converts PDF content into structured messages.

PDF to IDOC for communication with SAP R/3 Systems

With the help of PDF2EDI, PDF content can be easily converted into the iDoc format by PDF2EDI. Our PDF2EDI service delivers the iDoc message to the receivers automatically.

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Process integration via PDF-Orders concerning the automotive aftermarket

As a buyer, it is possible for you to electronically send your PDF-Order in the form of auto-gration or TecCom format to your suppliers. PDF2EDI converts your PDF orders to the appropriate format. With the aid of the PDF-Client, suppliers can link small customers directly to their ERP system.

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For purchasing and sales departments

EDI helps the purchasing, as well as the sales department to increase the efficiency of their processes. Based on the usage of PDF documents and our PDF2EDI service, especially small enterprises have the chance to provide their partners with EDI messages such as ORDERS, DESADV and INVOICE.

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The advantages of PDF2EDI and why you ought to use it:

To be short and precise: Benefits and services of PDF2EDI for small businesses, SMEs and industrial companies.

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PDF content as IDOC

Transferring PDF-Documents

The PDF documents are being transmitted by yourself or your business partner to a predetermined e-mail address of the PDF2EDI service.

Converting PDF in IDOC

In this step the business data contained in the PDF document - the header and item data – are being extracted from the PDF2EDI service and converted into the IDOC.

Receiving IDOC's

The IDOC and PDF document will be delivered electronically to your system without any delay. Therefore your business as well as your suppliers, are able to effectual potential for savings without additional interventions to your system.

IDOC- or RFC-Server

By means of our IDOC-Server, your business will be able to directly receive the converted messages of PDF2EDI and deliver them to your SAP system. Alternatively it is possible to use our RFC-Server to forward the IDOC's who have been received through PDF2EDI. For addtional processing these IDOC's can be transmitted onto an ABAP module from your SAP system.

FOR SAP®-R/3® Integration

A lot of SMS's and smaller partners send their PDF business documents through programs such as Excel, SAGE, Lexware or KHK products. PDF2EDI is a pivotal service who transforms PDF documents into the corresponding IDOC. Thus it is a simple and cheap way to digitally exchange structured IDOC'S (orders, delivery notes, and invoices) for businesses using the SAP ® R / 3 ® software.

Additionally PDF2EDI supports your company as well as your business partners when integrating PDF content into SAP ® R / 3 ® software.

1 Month Trial

e-Standards Automotive

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are key players in the global value chain of the automotive industry. They play a central role for the supply and sale of vehicles, spare parts and services.
Many SMEs and smaller partners send PDF business documents from programs such as Excel, SAGE, Lexware or KHK-products.

PDF2EDI is a key service who transforms those PDF documents in the corresponding auto-gration or TecCom messages.

When using PDF2EDI, your business will be able to successfully take part in the global value chain alongside the electronic business transactions.

1 Month Trial

With the help of PDF2EDI

auto-gration for KEY-Player

Your company receives a lot of business messages e.g. delivery note, invoice from smaller partners via PDF?

In order to manually process and capture a PDF document, an employee will need about twenty-five minutes of pure working time.

When using PDF2EDI, there is no more manual effort needed at all - within seconds of time, PDF2EDI generates the corresponding auto-gration message, based on the original PDF document.

auto-gration for smaller companies

You are using an industry solution for your daily business, but do not have an EDI interface. Nevertheless you are generally able to transfer delivery notes, invoices or other business documents via PDF documents to your business partners.

Trough PDF2EDI you will increase the supplier assessment of your purchasers. We can transform PDF documents into the appropriate auto-gration messages and are able to automatically deliver them to your partners.

When choosing PDF2EDI, there is no need for any changes concerning your system.

For TecCom-Suppliers

Total costs for TecCom integrating are often not worth it for smaller enterprises. As a result orders are continued to be send as PDF documents to the suppliers.
In order to manually process and capture the PDF order, an employee will need about twenty-five minutes of pure working time.
As a TecCom supplier, try using our PDF2EDI service in order to transform your orders through the already existing TecCom interface into your ERP system.

EDI-capability in 3-steps

  • 1Send us an exemplary PDF document e.g. dispatch advice.
  • 2We’ll create a mapping and provide you the mail access.
  • 3Examine our PDF2EDI service for one month - free of charge.

1 Month Trial

For purchasing and sales

The electronic data interchange has become an increasingly important and normal part in the business community today. The litigations of the purchasing and sales department can be arranged more easily and effeciently.

For SME's, an EDI solution is often not viable. Nevertheless the ability to use EDI is regularly a crucial criteria for the supplier assessment and not uncommonly a knock-out factor when it comes to contract negotiations.

Most business applications have the capability of creating offers, delivery notes, invoices etc. as PDF documents. PDF2EDI converts your PDF-Documents in EDI-messages.

Why choose PDF2EDI?PDF2EDI provides EDI integration by converting the PDF content in a structured EDI message.

100% efficiency

PDF2EDI capability provides an efficient, cost-effective way to trade electronically with your business partners, regardless of their size. Rotas PDF2EDI solutions is not only multifaceted, but also simple to use.

"Managed Services"

The central component of PDF2EDI is an integration platform of our cloud services. It functions as a pivotal platform and a central data hub for all types of business processes when negotiating with external business partners.

Business Gateway

With the help of the multifunctional iXSuite communications platform, PDF2EDI integrates horizontal as well as vertical market places. Via our auto-gration or TecCom gateways, it is possible for you to approach 99% of all automotive industry companies.

Independence of ERP

No matter what program you are using to produce your PDF documents - PDF2EDI will be able to convert them. Whether it is Excel, Word, SAGE, Business Vision, SAP, Filemaker or any type of properietary software - our system can convert it.

Pinpoint precision

The process of transformation is 100% precise and flly automatic. Whether you are a small or large business - PDF2EDI is the fitting solution.


  • Disposable at short notice.
  • No manual data entry needed
  • Electronically processing
  • Automatic procedures 24/7
  • Consulting and support

Without PDF2EDI

In order to manually process and capture a PDF document, an employee will need about twenty-five minutes of pure working time. Oftentimes you will additionally have for wait another 2 days to complete document acquisition.


When using PDF2EDI there is no manual working effort needed at all - creating EDI messages only takes seconds of time.

Choosing PDF2EDI: being the winner

There is no risk if you decide to apply PDF2EDI. You are not completely convicend yet? Try testing our product for one month free of charge and get to know the advantages for yourself.

In case you are not happy with PDF2EDI, we will shut down your access again and there won't be any additional costs for your business.

Get it now!

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